Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mariee Sioux, Georgina & Hurricane Lulu - Sat 29th May

New Adelphi Club, Hull
Mariee Sioux
- A captivating Californian folk singer / guitarist blessed with the voice of an angel. Mariee has recently played gigs with fellow Nevada City musician Joanna Newsom.
'Full of Folksy breath and bittersweet syrup, Sioux crafts sorrowful organic sounds and scenes of ancient history... Enchantingly visceral at times, Sioux's songwriting is hard edged, gorgeously poetic and, well, graphic. The result is an overwhelmingly expansive sound that, while darkened by meticulous fantasy, is uplifted with a soft woodland warble.'
+ Georgia Seddon - A wonderful Scottish singer-songwriter who can also be found touring with her father, Mike Heron, of folk legends The Incredible String Band.
+ Hurricane Lulu - Yorkshire based musician who uses voice, violin & 'magic boxes' to create a glorious one woman choir & orchestra.

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