Thursday, 6 May 2010

'Here' film & soundtrack - view online

Here - Philip Larkin from Classlane Media on Vimeo.

Earlier in the year I scored & recorded a soundtrack to a short film made by some fantastic film makers at Classlane Media. Based on Philip Larkin's poem 'Here', it is part of the commemorative Larkin 25 celebrations. The poem is read by actor Sir Tom Courtenay & the film shot around East Yorkshire, Hull & out towards the North Sea at Spurn Point. It is now doing the rounds at film festivals in the UK.

The Yorkshire Post writes of the film - 'the area's ethereal beauty and the searing loneliness of the Holderness plain where "silence stands like heat" shines through'. Classlane recently tweeted - 'Just received a lovely note from Sir Tom Courtenay saying he thought our Larkin film "very beautiful". Top man.'

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