Thursday, 20 November 2008

India trip

Last November, I travelled around India; Mumbai, Dehli, Agra & Goya, using train, plane, boat & rickshaw ride. The whole experience left me a bit shell shocked & baffled. I picked up my beloved harmonium from a music shop in Mumbai called 'Furtados'. It was not fun trying to get it back on the plane! I've been meaning to post some pics & big speel on here for a while. I know I'll never get round to it, so here are just some highlights -

How the 'pancakes' are done in Dehli -

Living rooms in Colaba market -

Temples at Elephanta Island -

Swimming in Goa -

Divali lights -

My friend Leanne digging a fabulous moustache.

Gateway of India, Mumbai. Got up at 6.30 to go do the laughing yoga! Seriously funny & rather surreal. You can see the circle of people just to left of the lamp post. A man was spreading bird seed. The pigeons looked a bit less mangey than the ones you see pecking around Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, UK.

An outing with the harmonium back in rainy England.

(c) Ian Rook photography

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