Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cornwall - March '09

I'm in Cornwall at the mo, staying with my family. I've been most busy, going out with my laptop recording the sea, talking to the wind in the trees ;) and making a wee film. It's been a great week. I even managed to do a bit of sailing, coffee & ginger cake, carboot & fleamarket rumaging & mountain biking too :)

Sat 21st
Went to a great gig at Miss Peapods in Penryn. Peter Walker (60s American guitarist) & Nancy Elizabeth were playing. I'd seriously check Lancashire lass Nancy out. Her music is sublime. She sometimes plays harp & piano, but used guitar on this gig. According to her website, she's working with a Japanese electronic artist on her next album. Now this I can't wait to hear! -

This morning, my brother & I hired sail boats at Stithians. The sun was shining & we had the whole lake to ourselves! I managed not to capsize on this occasion. I'm at my folks' house now, but am leaving soon to walk round to my brother's house for tea & a cowboy film. He'll no doubt subject me to a whole night of excerpts from his 70s prog rock / folk record collection...which I've seen & heard all before :0 :0 :0 Maybe there'll be a couple of obscure additions of bearded ones playing psychedelic flute whilst riding a unicorn.

If you can get round the gurning, it's a great tune. Jethro Tull -

Sun 22nd
Up at arse o'crack this morning to go to a carboot sale in Hayle. Picked up 2 keyboards (1 midi controller, 1 broken vintage organ (I will try to repair) (pictured bellow) & one obnoxious, rock star-esq, fake fur coat, which is rather smelly & needs a good Atlantic airing. Set up camp in the kitchen. This is where I'll be programming some beats using my laptop, kaosscilator & zoom drum machine.

Tues 24th
Big bike ride today to Portreath (Bissoe trail) through old mining country where the water still runs red! Very sore bottom :0

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