Saturday, 18 July 2009

Electric Violin

Well I have been having fun this week :) Here's a 5 string electric violin. The extra string on the bottom is the one a viola would have (C3) which makes for beefier, bassier sounds :o Yum. It sounds just as good as it looks. Peter & the good folk at Beverley Music Centre let me try it out. They run a workshop on Wednesday nights, so you could learn to make your own. Fun as that sounds, I'm fear I wouldn't have the time to do that. I doubt I'd match the craftmanship on this instrument anyhow. I'd like to get one custom made up at some point. Yah, it is on the wish list! (It turns out the man who made this instrument, Collin, is the brother of the hurdy gurdy man of Hornsea who repaired my harmonium)

Lu x
ps. Do get in touch if you play the electric violin. I'd be curious to hear about your experiences.

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