Tuesday, 25 August 2009

CD case - electronic instrument

Have just come across this wonderful cd by Moldover. He has turned his album case into an actual instrument! Most swish.

I have been busy mixing Stormy Grace . I had to re-do some of the drums, as I originally recorded them in straight from my zoom drum machine as a stereo track & it sounded well naff (not even in a cool lo-fi way). So I separated all the beats out, mixed some together with the kaosscilator & real recordings of me playing drums, teapots & table tops, panned them round, ran them through some effects & fattened them up a bit. Voila, they are starting to pulse & ripple now :) I need to get my circuit bent AM radio working again (which I accidentally destroyed) ... oh & I need an old typewriter... This will have to all wait till I get back from working at Leeds Festival this weekend.

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