Monday, 28 September 2009

Appearing on some compilation albums

The Bison tune I made & recorded with Awash With AntleR can be now found on a number of compilation albums. A few months ago Channel 4's tv programme 'Secret Millionaire' visited Hull. The Warren, a young people's project was given loadsamoney to set up a record label, maintain the studios & help support young musicians of the city. Here are the first fruits... State of the City: a 41 track double cd compilation. I picked up a copy from all round super bloke Stew Baxter the other night a Howe Gelb gig at the Adelphi (who, by the way, looked like the dog whisperer & made me want a gravelly voice... Howe that is). The cd really is a top class production & the music is mightily diverse.
Available to buy online now. More information here -

As a result of our show at the wonderful Puppet Theatre in Norwich & meeting Mr Alex Carson, we are also on the Bare Feet Records #2 compilation album.
(Featuring: Scraps, Alex Carson, Tom Hardman, Belinda Gillett, Awash with Antler (US!),Sula Deane, Max Avis, Sam James Hill, Chessboard Fanatics, Rory Mcvicar, The Middle Ones, Alloy Ark, Triple Rosie.) Cds are £4 & can be found here -

Also, earlier on the year we were put forward by Alan Raw (BBC Introducing) to appear on a Yorkshire showcase cd set up by the Timeless Music Project. This was handed out to peeps attending SXSW in Texas. More info here -

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