Sunday, 1 March 2009


Hurricane Lulu - 'Salt in Wires' (2010)
Coming soon.

Awash With Antler - 'Channel 16' (2008)

4 tk EP
Available on CD for £4.00 (free postage & packaging for UK).

1) Bison
2) This Desert
3) Voodoo Greengrocer
4) Blizzard Lemons

Tks 1 & 2 written by Lu / AWA.
Tk 3 written by Sally /AWA.
Tks 1,2 & 3 instrumentation by Lu, Emma & Sally.
Tk 4 written by & performed by Lu & Joseph Payne.
Cover design by Emma Booth.
Tks 1, 2, 3 recorded at Fairview Studios by John Spence.
Tk 4 recorded by Lu in 'Le Shack'.
CD mastered by Andy Newlove.

"... a musical space that definitely sounds very much their almost orchestral canvas over which their edgy and sometimes shy vocals, pour strange melodies and descriptive, dramatic dialogues...hugely original." Manchester Music Online

"In short: haunting, lush and magnificent." Mike Reynolds, Sandman Magazine

Listen to Awash With AntleR tracks here -

Louise Bennett - 'Go Through Your Wardrobe' (2002)
4 tk EP - limited cdRs - no longer available -
2)Blackbird Song
3)Pie Dough
4)The Wildwood

Strings, spoken word, electric guitar & synth bass, classical guitar, woodland footsteps, bird song, cake making utensils. Recorded & mixed by Lu at home in Brighton / Friston forest, & studios at Grand Parade.

Coming soon :

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