Thursday, 19 March 2009


Hello, I'm Lu Lu. I'm 28. I grew up in Manchester (UK) & Brighton & now live in Yorkshire, where I work as a Broadcast Engineer. My family live by the sea in Cornwall, so I spend as much time as I can there, kayaking, sailing & surfing. I play & collect lots of musical instruments. I started learning the violin in primary school, then took up classical & electric guitar, piano, singing & drums later on. I've recently moved away from the piano & now prefer organ & harmonium. Gotta love those bass pedals, stops & pumps!

The accordion is next. I've a trombone too, but I'm going to keep that as my comedy instrument. No offence to trombone players, some of my best nights out have involved a trombone. It's just that I am truly terrible at playing wind instruments.

I like dissecting electronic equipment. I'm at my happiest writing songs & tinkering with sounds. I've a bit of a penchant for rumaging around fleamarkets & carboot sales.

My absolute dream job would be to write & record music for films, or to re-form the BBC Radiophonic Workshop & spend all day making weird & wonderful sounds. Sadly the BBC no longer has a sound effects department :(

I'm going to be mostly blogging about making my record. I've always wanted to make one, but bar a few EPs & unreleased tracks, no album as of yet. I feel like it is now or never! So I am locking myself away. Please, you are most welcome to join me. It may stop me getting all Jack Nicholson about it.

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